Particular conditions for specific services whose estimated rate cannot be budgeted

The following translation is provided for informational purposes only. In the event of any inconsistency, inconsistency or conflict between this translation and the Spanish version (particularly due to translation details and delays), the Spanish version shall prevail.

These particular conditions extend our general conditions:

1. Scope

In this modality, GIGA4 offers its services through sets of hours, it applies to services:

  • That require the execution of many small tasks over time, and are not part of a recurring service.
  • Whose requirements are not clear or defined.
  • They are in a state of change of requirements.
  • That for some other organizational or technical reason they cannot be analyzed or a budget is difficult to estimate.

The set of hours is the acquisition of a set of time measured in hours through an agreed rate and that allows the Client to contract work to GIGA4 without the need to agree on a budget or estimate in advance.

2. Recruitment process

2.1 Application

The applicant requires GIGA4 to provide one of the Services that GIGA4 can offer in its catalogue. This request is made through our contact form, email, videoconference, telephone conversation, or other means of communication.

It is the Customer’s responsibility that their request must be sufficiently detailed and truthful in order to collaborate correctly.

GIGA4 will respond by accepting or denying this request, based on the conditions of point 2 of the general contracting conditions .

2.2 Advice

To advise the client and make possible subsequent contacts, GIGA4 may collect and store the necessary applicant data: Name, email, telephone, tax data and the requirements of the required Service.

GIGA4 may request the provision of additional data necessary to carry out an analysis to assess the size, feasibility or needs of the provision of the service, such as, but not limited to: credentials, billing data, statistics and website traffic, phone numbers employees, collaborators, etc.

If necessary and provided it is provided by the applicant, GIGA4 will be able to access the systems and the project code. In addition, GIGA4 will be able to download the code to review its operation in its systems and with its tools. GIGA4 will not make any changes and therefore will not be held responsible for any problems that arise during this period.

GIGA4 will store this data securely and following the precepts of the Confidentiality and Protection Agreement for personal data included in our general conditions .

GIGA4 reserves the right to request a consideration from the applicant for the preparation of this initial advice for the collection of requirements, consulting and technical review.

2.3 Consideration

GIGA4 will indicate to the client the rate for the acquisition of the set of hours, which will include discounts for contracting in volume.

The set of hours is paid in full prior to the start of the provision of the service.

In the case of contracts with the public administration of Spain or countries that have effective credit scoring systems and this is confirmed through the budget, this payment could be made at the end of the work, considering for all purposes that 20-hour set are contracted.

2.4 Term

GIGA4 will develop each task in a variable time depending on the availability at the time of the request for each task. GIGA4 will indicate the estimated execution time for each task at the Client’s request.

2.5 Acceptance

Acceptance of the provision of a service offered by GIGA4 by the applicant will be understood when the latter indicates it to GIGA4 through the means of communication provided for this and, in the event of requiring an initial payment, the applicant satisfies the requested consideration, taking into account to the planned payment plan.

2.6 Execution

The Client will communicate to GIGA4 the tasks that he wants to carry out using the set of hours. GIGA4 will work on the tasks requested by the client, taking into account the time dedicated to them and deducting it from the amount of time contracted.

The Client may request from GIGA4 the time dedicated so far to the different tasks within the set of hours.

The set of hours will be linked to a project, and cannot be transferred to another client or project.

GIGA4 reserves the right not to accept certain tasks, based on the conditions of point 2 of our general conditions .

2.7 Termination

GIGA4 will notify the client when the contracted hours are close to running out or have run out.

As soon as the hours run out, the provision of the service will be terminated, and the client can return to step 1 to request a new set of hours.

In any case, the set of hours expires 2 years after being hired.