We believe that principles are important, they are the ones that define a behavior or an attitude with which to differentiate ourselves from other ways of being.

As a company and as people, we have a foundation that speaks about us, our ethics, our treatment of others, how we solve problems, how we work.

Treatment to others


Equality is assumed. We are an open-minded company. We are so egalitarian that we even accept equally those who do not believe in equality.


Being the technical reference point for an organization means that we have regular two-way communication.

Pleasant and trustworthy treatment

Our relationships must go hand in hand with sympathy and trust. With the objective of creating comfortable and relaxed situations. To this end:

  • If someone does not know something, we will try to explain it in a simple way so that they understand it and in a complex way so that they learn.
  • If something can be told in a pleasant way, it will be told in a pleasant way.
  • Mistakes are as acceptable as successes, it is a matter of learning from them.
  • Our relationship is one of symbiosis, we seek mutual benefit.


Personal data

Personal data will be treated as such and for the sole purpose of informing, maintaining and offering our services.


Anyone can, at any time, explicitly define confidentiality for a specific project or issue. From that moment on, the confidentiality of that matter will be absolutely respected until the time that requirement expires. In any case, from the outset, common sense discretion is assumed as a general rule.


Data backups are a must. To avoid unpleasant situations, our servers will have automated backup systems and our equipment will have regular backups and disk status control.

Passwords and other sensitive data

Since we handle highly sensitive data, we define special policies for its management:

  • The storage of passwords will always be done in encrypted form under password or certificate. Communication of passwords between individuals shall be done, where possible, through secure, non-recorded means.
  • Project software files should also be stored in encrypted form and transmitted securely when they contain sensitive information (passwords, confidential information). Designs and other non-sensitive documents are exempt from this standard.
  • The physical hardware we use must be properly destroyed at the end of their useful life. This is also fun and de-stressing.
  • It is forbidden, except in cases of extreme necessity, to make use of passwords on third party equipment and/or with Operating Systems of questionable security (e.g. Windows, Android). System administrators must use their own equipment or a Live Puppylinux system on an encrypted USB.


Growth strategy

Continue working.

Formula for growth

We believe in an ecosystem.
Work > Learn > Teach > Share > Work.
Our way of growing is to help others grow. If we make your project have a future, then ours will have a future too.


GIGA4 may have a cool logo and a cool office, but what is really valuable in this company are the people. Our philosophy is to maintain these people through respect, friendliness, quality of life and comfort.


The world is changing, but even more so the world around technology. We must not stop learning, this is mandatory, every week we set aside time for this essential task, which will come from:

  • Learning with every project and every person.
  • Reading specialized articles on different topics related to our work, even if the topic is not our specialty (e.g., as programmers, reading design articles).
  • Inspiration lists and creativity encouragement. We see what others have done and understand how they have done it.
  • I did it and I learned it. One of the best ways to learn something and remember it is to do it. In all our projects we try to include the development of something different and special, something out of the ordinary and challenging.



Our work is meaningless if we don’t do it well. At GIGA4 we are committed to your project. Our philosophy is focused on professionalism and we demonstrate it with quality work.


The art of being creative, being willing to think differently. In the internet area innovation is the totem to aspire to, it makes no sense to make dozens of websites with the same look and feel, you have to be different from the rest. Our team is prepared not to be afraid of the new and to reward, recognize and encourage creativity.


We want our relationships to be based on the utmost trust, so we act fairly and with integrity. So that your relations with us are not a problem or a cause of stress, but a pleasant sensation.


For better or worse, you will receive our humble honesty. If your project sucks we’ll tell you so, if it’s great we’ll tell you so too, but we’ll never give you wings to captain a plane that doesn’t look like it’s going to fly. We will tell you honestly from our experience what we think, what we believe and what your strengths and weaknesses may be.