Technical search engine optimization (SEO on-page)

We make search engines’ job easier

Search engines. Either you are with them or you are against them. We believe that you have to be with them and with the users, you have to develop quality websites with user-oriented content and with all the SEO strategies that can be reasonably applied.

At GIGA4 we use all the best SEO practices to make the search engines’ job easier. There are many ways to approach it, but the first principle is not to go against the current, if you want to appear in search engines, we make your website what search engines expect it to be.

SEO and websites

Today, on-page SEO optimization is really no different than following good practices in relation to web creation and maintaining that good health over time.

SEO is a multidisciplinary and in-depth work: content is important, efficiency is important, market analysis is important, programming is important, strategy is important, design is important.

There is no magic hand behind SEO: creating interesting, usable, attractive content that can be efficiently consulted and read by search engines is the key.

Do you think we can help you?

If you think that your website has some kind of problem to be indexed by search engines.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you guarantee me to be the first in a search engine?

    Clearly, emphatically: NO. No one can guarantee you a position in a search engine. At GIGA4 we want to stand out for honesty, and we tell you clearly that we cannot guarantee that. What we do is to do everything possible to help you obtain good positions.

    How importante is having good SEO?

    It depends on the sector of your project, there are sectors with more or less competition. Usually in a sector with low competition it will be easy to obtain good positions. In any case, it all depends on the effort, a constant dedication in which quality content is worked on can make you a leader in a sector.

    Why is SEO important?

    It is important if most of the visits to your website come through search engines, if so, a good or bad position in search engines can be decisive for the success of a project.

    How much will it cost?

    We apply multiple on-page SEO techniques as standard in all our developments, for more advanced techniques or application in third party developments we carry out a study. Once we have evaluated your needs we will provide you with a quotation.