WordPress web development

At GIGA4 we develop new websites following standards, avoiding the lock-in effect and, as far as possible, avoiding the use of licensed elements. Instead we create websites following the WordPress standards and its visual editor, thinking about functionality and efficiency.

Before development

Web architecture

The first step, long before touching code, is to have a clear view of the architecture of the website, each of the sections the project will have, its functionalities and a detailed idea of the contents that will be within each section.

It is created based on what you intend to communicate or show, the objectives you have set, the possibilities you can achieve, an analysis of the competition and, in addition, a touch of experience to shape your web project in a coherent, functional and optimal way.

Design and usability

The interface design of a website is very special. In addition to being attractive, it is something that needs to be intuitive and usable, as well as adaptable to the multitude of devices we have on the market today.

A web project is interactive software. It’s not just about design, it’s about creating a positive user experience in visualization and interaction.

At GIGA4 we collaborate with professional interface designers to create these experiences.

And now, the development

In this step we transform everything we have done so far into a software product.

To do this, we rely on WordPress, its plugins, our own code, our experience, protocols and our work to create a functional site in any web browser.

This is how we build the websites

In most of our projects we start from a modified version of “underscores” or “storefront”, they are base themes developed by the community to which we have incorporated our own improvements and integration with the visual editor.

We include plugins from the official repository that we know, have tested and are maintained to cover different functionalities. We add a function plugin to create the necessary functionalities and we value the use of other plugins or licensed plugins if they bring a clear benefit.

We adapt the display and optimize performance so that the site can be viewed comfortably on different devices.
Mobile is the device most used by users to consume content on most websites.

We extend the WordPress administration panel and its visual editor so that you can manage the contents of your website without any technical knowledge.
In addition, to make everything clear, after the delivery of your website we will create a video showing you how to manage those contents.

We have experience in the key factors that affect security and in cleaning viruses on web sites, so we are aware of the importance of it. We take it into account and include preventive measures as standard to avoid intrusions.

Technology and best practices.
We rely on the latest technologies and programming languages: PHP 8, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Git, task management systems, Docker, WP-CLI.
In addition, we are guided by the best practices contained in the Plugins Handbook and the WordPress Coding Standards.

This is how the sites we make work

Efficiency (WPO)
We plan with efficiency in mind, make conscious use of scripts, configure caching and many other details that make a site fast.
We have worked developing sites with more than 90,000 visits per day that work very well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We apply best practices at a technical level to facilitate the indexing of the site by search engines.
The content, efficiency, usability, correct adaptation to different devices, configuration of goals and sitemap are some of the factors that benefit organic positioning.

This is how the sites we make will work

Web site deployment
We have experience in systems. We deploy the website optimizing the server configuration and avoiding downtime.
In addition, we can work with a continuous integration methodology.

Maintenance (Optional)
We offer a maintenance service that can keep your website updated in the future, as well as improve it by including new features.

WordPress as a platform

We like things stable and efficient, that’s why we use WordPress. It is a self-manageable content management system that facilitates the processes for both developers and content managers.

Its flexibility, convenience, large community, the fact that it is free software, well maintained and supported by powerful companies allows us to offer high quality and resilient solutions.

We are real and human

We collaborate with the WordPress project through the “Five for the future” program. Francisco is part of the plugin review team, proactively collaborating with the security of the WordPress ecosystem. Roberto is part of the community team, organizing and participating in non-profit events to raise awareness of the tool, provide training and create professional connections.

We are a registered entity in the catalog of cybersecurity companies and solutions of INCIBE, the national cybersecurity institute in Spain. This registration proves that we are a registered entity in Spain, we provide security solutions, our site complies with the legislation and is secure.

Do you think we can help you?

If you are a company looking to have a presence on the Internet, a store that wants to sell online, or possibly you are looking to develop an innovative business idea, or maybe you are a collective, association, or public institution that wants to display its information on the network.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which technologies do you develop websites?

    In current web technologies: PHP 8, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, etc. Technology is as important as the good use of it.

    Will I be able to manage a site developed on WordPress myself?

    Yes, it is a platform designed so that anyone without technical knowledge can use it to manage content. In addition, we give you all the information you need to make your website truly yours.

    How will I learn what I need to know to be able to manage content?

    If you have never used WordPress before, we include in our quote the creation of a customized video tutorial for your website in which we show you how to manage the content. You can watch the video as many times as you want.

    Is WordPress a stable platform?

    Clearly yes, practically a third of the Internet is running on this platform. It has a large community and a lot of support from large development and hosting companies.

    Will I be able to expand my website in the future?

    Yes, you can count on us at our usual rates, through our maintenance service or, since we have created your website using standards, with any other specialized provider that can give you enough quality guarantees.